2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

For my compilation of gift suggestions this year, I tried to include atypical items in lots of different price ranges (more than half only cost $25 or less) and most of them are items on my personal wishlist. Be sure to read the descriptions below because I talk about why these items are cool. A few of these would work as a guy’s gift and a bunch can be easily ordered on Amazon.

* denotes a “SPLURGE-WORTHY” gift idea

** denotes a “STOCKING STUFFER” gift idea

  1. Credo “Discovery” Gift Set ($45) – A little box of clean beauty items, including an actual sheet mask for your booty. Ha. I’m also so into these self-heating Spacemask eye masks from Credo. I bought a couple boxes of 5 masks and everyone is getting one in their stocking to try!
  2. Butter Bell Crock ($25) –  My mom has this and it’s one of those “I didn’t know I needed this” items. The little jar somehow uses suction and a little water to keep butter good for 30 days with no refrigeration. Way better to butter your toast with something smooth, rather than hard, cold slices of butter!
  3. Pink Quartz Face Roller and Qua Sha Set ($17) – Really good price for these two facial massagers together in one box. I’ve seen sets at major retailers going for three to four times the price for the same items.
  4. 18kt Half Moon Necklace from E.B. Horn ($975)* – Ever since Crew started talking, he points out the moon. The moon symbol is close to my heart for that reason. Love this as an everyday, fine jewelry piece.
  5. Beauty Bioscience Bright Eyes Set ($25) – A pink plush “Offline” eye mask paired with five colloidal silver and collagen eye patches.
  6. FENTY Fairy Mini Beauty Bomb Ornament ($20)** – I like to use this sparkly puff to add some shimmer to my chest and shoulders for a special occasion. I always get asked what I’m wearing too! This is a cute mini version.
  7. 18K Gold Plated Vintage Coin Pendant ($17)** – No one will know that you paid under $20 for this necklace. The actual coin pendant feels heavy and mine has no tarnished. A total copycat necklace find from Amazon!
  8. Reese Witherspoon’s “Whiskey in a Teacup” Hardcover Book ($16) – Based on Reese’s Instagram following, it looks like she has a ton of fan-girls. If you personally know a Reese fan, she’ll probably enjoy reading this.
  9. Farmaesthetics Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil ($40) – I love the scent of this bath oil (and the glass dispenser it comes in) – it’s like nothing you’ve smelled before and it’s free from bad chemicals. I know a ton of women who love this product on their bathroom counter.
  10. Edible Flowers Grow Kit ($34) – I’ve Pinned so many photos of pretty cocktails that have edible flowers floating on the top and I’ve even thought about buying a bag of fresh ones from Etsy. If someone gave me this grow kit, I would totally be into it growing my own at home (and then snapping pics to post on Instagram all summer long, of course).
  11. Yanibest Silk Pillowcase ($20)** – I can’t bring myself to splurge on an expensive silk pillowcase from Slip so I bought this one for myself off of Amazon and it’s been great. 100% silk (on both sides) and a hidden zipper. I also bought one for Crew!
  12. Diamond Dazzle Stick Jewelry Cleaner (2 for $11)** – Both my sister and I have these portable cleaning pens to clean our engagement rings and they really work well.
  13. Que Collapsible Water Bottle ($20)** – A lightweight and collapsible bottle for your favorite workout devotee.
  14. Nellie’s All-Natural Dryer Ball Set ($14)** – My girlfriend had an allergic reaction to wool dryer balls; these are made of some sort of squishy, non-toxic silicone material that softens clothes, reduces static cling, gets rid of wrinkles and reduces your drying time.
  15. Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit ($34) – Everything you need for a DIY gel manicure at home, including a tiny little LED light to set/dry the polish.
  16. Saje Wellness white ceramic diffuser ($90) – I saw this ultrasonic diffuser at the Saje store in the West Village and it looks really high-end (way better in person). Would make a nice addition to any family room or kitchen since it’s hard to find good looking diffusers that you actually want to have on display in your house.
  17. Nakari Knife from Brandless ($3) ** – I used this knife at my parents’ house the other day and as I was cutting with it, said, “Oh…love this luxury chef’s knife…who gave this to you?” My mom laughed and told me it was from Brandless, a website that has everything at unbelievable prices. I couldn’t believe it. This knife is so heavy and sharp – pair it with some other pieces from the site too.
  18. The Wand Wine Filters (3 Pack for $12)** – For the wine lover in your life who gets a flushed face after drinking wine and/or would appreciate being able to remove nasty sulfates in his/her glass.
  19. Rubberized Coil Hair Tie Set ($12)** – Heard that these particular type of hair ties work well by preventing the hair from slipping out of a ponytail. I like the “matte” finish on these ones!
  20. Le Creuset Bistro Grill Pan ($100)* – This pan gives you those coveted outdoor grill marks on your meats and veggies.
  21. Opal Nugget Ice Maker ($350) * – All I want from Santa this Christmas is THIS ice machine! I no longer want to eat stinky ice that’s been sitting in my freezer and I want to make my beverages feel extra bouqie, like I’m drinking something I ordered from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Sonic. Ha! Pretty sure this will help me drink more fluids every day too.
  22. Seneo Wireless Charger ($18) – Good unisex gift for anyone who gets annoyed having to connect their cell phone with a charging cord.
  23. Pink Suede & Leather Personalized Gardening Gloves ($42) – Find me a woman with a yard (or even just some outdoor planters) who wouldn’t love these extra-long gardening gloves.
  24. Dana Seng Initial Necklace ($425 and up)* – Ladies, this is a gift you just may want to ask your beau to get you. Select a single initial (his first name) or your kids’ initials. The “dot” initials are so unique…would really love one of these for myself.
  25. Farmhouse Pottery Beehive Honey Post and Honey Gift Set ($135)* – An adorable product pairing for anyone who is a fan of Farmhouse Pottery pieces.
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