5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

Since men are pretty hard to buy for, I asked my husband for a scaled down list of what he thinks are good Christmas gifts. Bloggers’ gift guides can be overwhelming, so we kept it to 5 (really good) items only at various price points.

Under Armour Men’s Face Mask, $29

All of the guys in my life will be getting this mask in their stocking this year. It’s the face mask that Tom Brady wears but you don’t even have to tell him that – if he’s from New England (or Tampa!), he will have probably already seen the videos and photos of Tom wearing it and he’ll be pumped that you got it for him!

GoPro HERO7 Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen, $229

If you and your guy are engaged with plans to honeymoon somewhere tropical, this would be a very special splurge gift. We brought one of these with us to Tahiti and every time we went to Hawaii. It takes clear underwater footage if you have plans to snorkel or swim with sharks (we did!). Putting a waterproof protector over your iPhone just isn’t the same.

The older GoPros didn’t come with screen to view what you were filming or to look at the footage after you’ve recorded – this new one is so much better!

Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Wingtip Oxford, $60-$90 (on sale from $180)

The reason these shoes are so great is because they trick people into thinking that he’s wearing a fairly dressy shoe but it’s really as comfortable as a sneaker. Perfect shoes to get him if you don’t want to see him wearing sneakers with every outfit or if he just dislikes tight and uncomfortable dress shoes. Both my husband and father have a pair!

Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Red Beam Laser Level, $99 (on sale from $149)

If you spouse or family member is a big handy man around the house, he’ll totally appreciate this because – most likely – he has the old fashioned version of this. This leveler uses laser beams and can be placed on the floor. The beam also goes out far so he can use it for big jobs like outdoor decks. It can level things vertically and horizontally so if you are hanging TVs, art work, shelves or picture frames that need to be centered between a wall and not crooked, this will make it really easy for him. The easier it is, the more you can ask him to hang. Ha!

Columbia River Folding Pocket Knife, $54

I know this may look scary but hear me out – some guys like to carry around pocket knives or have them in a drawer in order to easily open boxes (like your daily Amazon boxes!), cut a hanging tag off, etc. OR they may want one if they enjoy fishing, hiking or any other adventurous outdoor activity. There have been countless times where we needed a knife (something other than a steak knife) and one like this came in handy. This is one of the coolest knives you can get him and was designed with military members in mind. It has a safety feature to keep the blade locked in place when it’s not in use and an easy flip opening.

*Update: If you live in MA or NY, Amazon won’t deliver blades so you will have to find one in-store! Back-up gift idea (another one Rick wants!) is this portable external hard drive. Good for creatives or parents who want to back-up all of the photos and videos of their kids that are currently on your iPhone!


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