My Baby Shower

As I get closer to my due date, I’m realizing that Winnie the Pooh is 100% correct. I am super excited for Baby J’s arrival this December and he or she will be the greatest Christmas gift of all time.

This past weekend my mom and sis threw an amazing fall-themed baby shower for me at a private space at Cinquecento restaurant in the South End of Boston. They put so much time and thought into the details…here are some of the ideas they brought to life at the shower:

The invites: In lieu of a card, guests were invited to bring their favorite children’s storybook and write a personalized inscription inside. I ended up with so many beloved reading books that I forgot about like “Pat the Bunny,” “Corduroy,” and even my dad’s copy of Winnie the Pooh from 1954. The invite design was also the same fall floral theme as seen around this Pooh quote.

The music: A playlist of fun songs that contained the words “baby” or “mama” were on rotation, such as “Hey Mama” by Matt Kearney, “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes, “Mama Said” by The Shirelles and “Mama” by LunchMoney Lewis (probably the best song on the list…just listen to those lyrics!).

The decor: A handmade tassel and “Welcome Baby J” hanging from the walls, a blown-up version of the shower invite at the front entrance next to a monogrammed white pumpkin, gold spray-painted flower jars and honey bear bottles, paper drinking straws with attached glitter flags in different shades of brown,  a rotating slideshow of baby photos of me and my husband, a diaper bouquet and little bags printed with the above Pooh quote for dessert take-homes.

The food & beverages: A mimosa bar station and a great brunch menu with options for everyone like kale salad with chicken, ham & cheese frittata and lemon ricotta crepes.

The dessert: An adorable cupcake “baby carriage” (and chocolate-covered Godiva pretzels in a gold box for everyone as a party favor).

The  games: While I was opening gifts, a timer was going…every five minutes it would go off and the person whose gift I was opening at the time received a gift bag. Also, at the end of the brunch, the centerpieces were given to the person sitting at the table who had a birthday that was closest to my Dec. 23rd due date.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon celebrating with family and friends.


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